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  1. Summary: As Mr.Gilani's government didn't follow the Supreme Court orders for more than two years, it ordered Mr.Gilani to stepdown from the Prime Minister role which lead to friction between government and the court

    Central Idea: Central idea is to explain chaos between government and the Supereme Court after the judgment of removal of Prime Minister Mr.Gilani with contempt of court

    RC Passage for 23-Jun-17: PavanPrathyush246's entry

  2. Vocabulary Flashcards | Vocabulary Test
    nifty [ NIF-tee ]
     adjective ]
     MEANING :
     (adj.) very smart, clever and stylish
     The nifty satire of Catch 22 made it a huge bestseller.
     Just as Shakespeare singlehandedly changed the language by adding all kinds of nifty new words and phrases, change in pronunciation is an ongoing process.
    BBC, American Regional Dialects - Da Chicago Dialect and the Northern Cities Vowel Shift, 14th March 2008
    comity [ KOM-i-tee ]
     noun ]
     MEANING :
     1. formal friendly courtesy, especially between different countries
    2. voluntary recognition shown by one country for the laws, judicial decisions and institutions of the other
     The comity displayed by the two countries during the summit meet was encouraging.
     In the Senate, an institution where comity and collegiality rule, McCain was not winning popularity contests.
    abcNews, McCain on the Defensive About Spending, By LIBBY QUAID Associated Press Writer, June 29, 2008
    edible [ ED-uh'-buh'l ]
     noun, adjective ]
     MEANING :
     1. (adj.) consumable, esculent or eatable
    2. (n.) food or a substance that can be eaten
     They have released a list of edible items to avoid cases of food poisoning.
     A Devon company designs an environmentally friendly edible Christmas card using food colouring instead of ink.
    BBC, Edible sprout Christmas card made, 18 December 2008, accessed 8 July 2009
    expository [ ik-SPOZ-i-tawr-ee ]
     adjective ]
     MEANING :
     1. serving to explain
    2. pertaining to a public show or exhibition
    3. characteristic of being set forth
     Despite the expository nature of the lecture, only a few students were able to understand.
     It was not even certain what basic structure Elgar had in mind for his finale, although I felt that the breadth of the expository material in the sketches pointed towards a sonata form.
    BBC, Anthony Payne on Elgar's Symphony No 3, 13 February 1998.
    convulsion [ kuh'n-VUHL-shuh'n  ]
     noun ]
     MEANING :
     1. contortion of the body caused by violent, involuntary muscular contractions
    2. a commotion or violent disturbance
    3. a paroxysm or an uncontrollable fit of laughter
     The electrician was lucky to have survived the convulsions caused by the electric shock.
     It subsequently emerged that he had suffered a convulsion but had been cleared to play in the match in Paris.
    BBC, Brazil's Ronaldo to quit in 2011, 22 February 2010.

  3. Summary: A new study has shown that boosting the estrgen levels of male garter snakes causes them to to secrete the pheromones that female use to attract suitors . An experiment was done in which an estrogen capsule was supplemented in the snake body which increased it's estrogen level to that of female, and the results were so compelling that it secreted out pheromones which attracted the male even.

    Central Idea: The Power of Estrogen: Male snake attracts other males as estrogen was supplemented in the snake's body which got equivalent to that of female and thus helps in secretion of pheromones which attracted males

    RC Passage for 22-Jun-17: kanchan204's entry

  4. Summary: The author talks about the perils of consuming cannabis and driving under the onfluence of the same. A recent study has proved that the chances of accident increases if the driver in under the influence of alochol or drugs.Results show that if cannabis is consumed before driving , the risk of collision is doubled and there are higher chances of collision if the driver is aged 35 years or younger.In order to have a safe journey back to home, these ill deeds should be stopped.

    Central Idea: The main idea revolves around the ill effects of consuming cannabis and drinving under the influence of the same which can prove fatal. the author talks about the increase rate of venhicle collision under the inluence of cannabis which increases by almost double the rate

    RC Passage for 21-Jun-17: leader001's entry

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  6. The GMAT Official guide series updated for 2018

    The GMAT Official guide series updated for 2018

    Click on the above link to view the resource

  7. Summary: The passage refers to one alarming conditon in the biosphere where the amount of estrogen if it increases can prove hazardous. the perils of increase level of estrogen has been discussed with on esperiment which was done on male garter snakes. They were injected with a capsule that would enable them to secrete pheromones that is used by females to attract suitors. When this experiment was over, it was found that more male garter attracted males rather than females.Snakes use a vemeronasal organ un the upper palate for sensing and humans also have such organ.

    Central Idea: The passage talks about the impact of compunds which have indentical chararteristicto estrogen and are found in various chemicals and pesticides. The role that estrogen can play in the lifecylce and if its level increases, it might have ctastropic effects.

    RC Passage for 22-Jun-17: leader001's entry

  8. GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey Report Press Release

    GMAC Corporate Recruiters Survey Report Press Release

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  9. Vocabulary Flashcards | Vocabulary Test
    bibulous [ BIB-yuh'-luh' s ]
     adjective ]
     MEANING :
     1. fond of or addicted to alcoholic beverages
    2. highly absorbent, as paper or soil
     The bibulous man was found sleeping in the lane behind the local bar.
     The potbellied male, ridiculously outsize nose hanging from his face like a ripe fruit, is so ugly he's endearing, in a kind of bibulous-old-uncle way.
    National Geographic, Borneo, By Mel White
    doggerel [ DAW-ger-uh' l, DOG-er- ]
     noun, adjective ]
     MEANING :
     1. (adj.) irregularly styled or fashioned to bring about a comic effect
    2. (n.) an awkward or irregularly styled verse
     His doggerel verses were termed unsuitable for young children.
     Scotland's national bard died in 1796 and his poems were described earlier this month by Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman as "sentimental doggerel".
    Telegraph, Michael Jackson records pop album of Robert Burns poems, 27 Aug 2008
    earthenware [ ur-thuhn-wair ]
     noun ]
     MEANING :
     stoneware, ceramic ware, crockery or pottery made of baked clay
     The earthenware was thought to be from the Mesopotamian era.
     Researchers are now planning to look at whether the new dating technique can be applied to earthenware, bone china and porcelain.
    BBC, Ancient clay has internal clock, 20 May 2009, accessed 8 July 2009
    asunder [ uh'-suh'n-DER ]
     adjective, adverb ]
     MEANING :
     1. (adj.) into separate parts or into pieces
    2. (adj.) apart in position or direction
     The hillock was rendered asunder by explosive charges and levelled by bulldozers.
     Of all the marital vows that came asunder in 2008, none did so quite so loudly and with so much press coverage as those of Paul McCartney and Heather Mills.
    The Telegraph, Breaks-ups of 2008: Paul McCartney and Heather Mills, Madonna, Ronnie Wood, 23 December 2008.
    belie [ bih-LAHY  ]
     transitive verb ]
     MEANING :
     1. to refute, contradict or prove to be false
    2. to misrepresent or give a false impression
     His nervous gesticulations belied the confidence with which he spoke.
     Uribe has called the FARC's unilateral releases cynical publicity stunts that belie their disregard for civilian life.
    The Telegraph, Colombian rebels release first captive in more than a year, 29 March 2010.

  10. Question Of The Day (22-June-17)

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  11. Daily RC Passage for the date 22-Jun-17

    Daily RC Passage

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  12. Summary: The passage deals with the effects of consumption of cannabis by drivers which leads to increasing collisions and accidents after its consumption. The author compares it with influence of drugs and alcohols on drivers and concludes that the consumption of cannabis is far more dangerous. Various tests were conducted and studies prove that cannabis consumed before driving increases the risk of collisions.

    Central Idea: The author is strictly against the consumption of cannabis before driving which increses the risk of collision and brings out through various facts and studies.

    RC Passage for 21-Jun-17: skr_cat2017's entry

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