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  1. Do You guys give question for IIT JEE as well?
    Do share the link anyone.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Girishkallipalli View Post
    Hloo..I want snap material with solutions.please suggest me which funda should I prefer

    Our counselor will get in touch with you.

  3. Vocabulary Flashcards | Vocabulary Test
    quinquennial [ kwin-KWEN-ee-uh' l, kwing- ]
     adjective ]
     MEANING :
     occurring every five years
     The parameters by which the quantum of central funds is allocated to states are largely determined by the Finance commission- which is a quinquennial body.
     A joint electronic submission system was a key recommendation in the 2001 quinquennial review of the research councils that urged the setting up of a forum for collaboration between the funding organisations.
    The Guardian, E-submissions, Linda Nordling, November 9, 2004
    remediable [ ri-MEE-dee-uh'-buh' l ]
     adjective ]
     MEANING :
     capable of being cured or remedied
     The remediable ailment required minor surgery.
     There were complaints on the quality of food, which are remediable.
    The Times of India, THE LEADER ARTICLE: Aid Awareness: It is Useful for Long-term Crisis Management, by K SUBRAHMANYAM, 4 Jan 2005
    constrain [ kuh' n-STREYN ]
     transitive verb ]
     MEANING :
     1. to oblige, confine, compel or force
    2. to restrain, hold back or limit by using bonds
    3. to produce in a strained manner
     He was constrained to tell the truth by his peers who threatened him with dire consequences.
     The president of Santa Cruz's civic committee, Branco Marincovick, said the tax is constraining regional development.
    CNN, Bolivians strike for share of natural gas profits, August 19, 2008
    seamy [ SEE-mee ]
     adjective ]
     MEANING :
     1. (adj.) unpleasant
    2. (adj.) disgusting
    3. (adj.) pertaining to a seam
     He was contemplating suicide as he was fed up with his seamy life.
     The ruling, coming only hours before the World Cup kicks off in Germany, was another reminder of the seamy side of the game.
    CNN, FOOTBALL Ex-Marseille coach Courbis jailed, 9 June 2006.
    parochial [ puh'-ROH-kee-uh'l ]
     adjective ]
     MEANING :
     1. pertaining to or supported by or located in a parish
    2. pertaining the education provided by a parochial school
    3. very limited scope or narrow in outlook
    4. provincial
     The best education is provided in parochial schools.
     Sometimes it's political, sometimes it's parochial, but senators see it as another critical check the legislators have over the executive branch.
    CNN, Shelby: Blocking nominees part of life, Dana Bash, 26 February 2010.

  4. Summary: The passage mentions the advantages of bananas.

    Central Idea: The passage mentions the advantages of bananas.

    RC Passage for 21-Sep-17: sudhasuman's entry

  5. Summary: the suumary of the passage is the importance of banana fruit and how it benefits the health and other issues

    Central Idea: the central idea of the passage is to makes us know the essentials in banana and how can it b useful in various situations vn needed

    RC Passage for 21-Sep-17: conduiramba1046's entry

  6. ================================================================

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  7. Yes of course you can appear. You should have a degree from a recognized university. Nothing else.
    How could you apply for bachelor course with clearing 12th class. If you haven't cleared it then I don't think you are eligible.

  8. Summary: We should harvest the benefits of Banana since they are sold at dirt cheap price. It is good for people with BP issues those suffering from anaemia. It helps in bone developement essential for healthy skin

    Central Idea: Bananas and their health benefits.

    RC Passage for 21-Sep-17: vish1's entry

  9. Daily RC Passage for the date 21-Sep-17

    Daily RC Passage

    Click on the above link to launch today's RC passage.

  10. Vocabulary Flashcards | Vocabulary Test
    histrionic [ his-tree-ON-ik ]
     adjective ]
     MEANING :
     1. of or related to actors or acting
    2. deliberately affected; overtly dramatic or emotional
     The histrionics displayed in Indian films make them popular to Asian audiences.
     It is of course theoretically possible that Georgia is engaged in an elaborate bluff involving secret planes, faked debris, forged radar logs and diplomatic histrionics.
    The Economist, Under the umbrella, Aug 9th 2007
    abdicate [ AB-di-keyt ]
     intransitive verb, transitive verb ]
     MEANING :
     1. (intr.v.) to resign, relinquish or renounce one's responsibility, office, power or authority
    2. (tr.v.) to renounce, surrender or give up one's authority and power
     He abdicated the throne in favour of his younger brother.
     King Jigme Singye Wangchuck made a historic announcement two weeks ago to abdicate the throne and hand over power to the crown prince who would then become only a constitutional monarch.
    The Times of India, Bhutans 'uncertain future' in democracy, 30 Dec 2005
    consume [ kuh' n-SOOM ]
     intransitive verb, transitive verb ]
     MEANING :
     1. (tr.v.) to devour or eat
    2. (tr.v.) to destroy, use up or ravage
    3. (tr.v.) to squander or waste
    4. (intr.v.) to perish or waste away
    5. (intr.v.) to use consumer or economic goods
     She consumed her meal as if she had never eaten good food before.
     On a per capita basis, the United States consumes 12 times more oil than China and 28 times more than India.
    CNN, Carter pushes energy reform plan to Congress, May 12, 2009
    ostracize [ OS-truh'-sahyz ]
     transitive verb ]
     MEANING :
     1. (tr. v.) to exclude from
    2. (tr. v.) to banish
    3. (tr. v.) to shun or avoid
     He was ostracized by the community because he had AIDS.
     He denies suggestions that he has been behind moves to ostracize the Duchess of York.
    BBC, UK: Prince Philip: I am misunderstood, 16 May 1999.
    wispy [ WIS-pee ]
     adjective ]
     MEANING :
     1. like or being in a small bunch
    2. having a small bunch
    3. faint or shadowy
     The wispy stalks were piled up to form a huge hay stack.
     At altitudes above 6,000 metres (20,000 feet) this means cirrus-type formations which typically produce long, thin, wispy streaks.
    BBC, Long, thin and wispy, 7 January 1999.

  11. Hloo..I want snap material with solutions.please suggest me which funda should I prefer

  12. Summary: Bullying children is good as well as bad depending upon some criteria like type, period and is also depend upon the environment of the society in which the particular childen is been brought up. Survey conducted by some phsychologist over 2000 school going children aged between 11 and 12 suggest some positive cannotation about bullying, like it help children to understand conflict management and also taught to be independent.Some Educationalist are with and against the report. Those who are against put up the society reason in which children is been brought up and those who are in favour said that it will develop both mental and social skills of the children.

    Central Idea: Bullying is both good and bad depending upon both type of bullying and the person personality.

    RC Passage for 20-Sep-17: sunny1429's entry

  13. 85 percent of the MBA programs reported growth in their application volumes this

    Programs in Europe, Canada, India, and East and Southeast Asia Witness Gains;
    U.S. Programs Suffer from Shifting Demand

    85 percent of the MBA programs reported growth in their application volumes this year in India

    Click on the above link to view the resource

  14. GMAC launches the Study in India initiative in partnership with 9 leading Indian

    MBA aspirants from South Asia, East Asia, Africa and the Middle East can seek admission in the partnering B-schools; initiative has support from Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India

    Click on the above link to view the resource

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