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  1. Summary: The writer is talking here about how he happened to develop an interest towards boxing. Initially he was not a die hard lover of the same, but all of a sudden the boxer Pacquiao 's match developed his interest. The way he enjoyed football matches, now he is exhilarated by the boxing matches too.

    Central Idea: Developing interest in Boxing through Pacquiao Morales

    RC Passage for 28-Jul-17: rupanshi.lalge's entry

  2. Esya'17

    Esya is the annual science and technology fest of IIIT Delhi. It provides a platform for students to develop and showcase their technical prowess.

    Click on the above link to view the resource

  3. Summary: writer tod that how did he took interest in Boxing Match.He first saw Mohmmed Ali on Telivision but in 2005 he saw much coverage of Pacquio-Morales fifht on Telivision ,he was very excited to see the fight.He told the about the match that every moment was so exciting,every round was just like a match between them.

    Central Idea: popularity of pocquiao -morales foght make writer interested in Boxing.

    RC Passage for 28-Jul-17: catm's entry

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  5. Summary: c-c

    Central Idea: How Boxing as a sport has grown in aspect of popularity and excitement. And has changed the narrators perspective

    RC Passage for 28-Jul-17: devncy's entry

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  7. Summary: A persons journey to liking boxining. Satarted as football viewer, the narrater had no interest for boxing, even when he moved to country fetish over it. However with growing anticiapation of the fight of the national hero, he got excited and when the match happended, he was as escatic as everyone.

    Central Idea: A sportsman can inspire by his relentless pursuit and performance

    RC Passage for 28-Jul-17: avishek05's entry

  8. Vocabulary Flashcards | Vocabulary Test
    quay [ kee, key, kwey ]
     noun ]
     MEANING :
     a wharf, landing place or reinforced bank for ships to load and unload
     A new quay had to be built to accommodate the increased maritime activity.
     Although dockers have been working normally the goods they are unloading are starting to fill up the storage space on quays and in sheds.
    Economist, The blockade of Britain, January 13th 1979
    raiment [ REY-muh' nt ]
     noun ]
     MEANING :
     apparel, garment, clothing or attire
     The home minister was criticized for being more concerned about his raiment than the state of affairs.
     Blair clothes himself in the white raiment of pietyBlair clothes himself in the white raiment of piety and Alastair Campbell does just as he likes.
    Telegraph, We now have a Prime Minister of unbridled power, unbridled narcissism, unbridled spin, 02 Mar 2002
    taper [ TEY-per ]
     intransitive verb, transitive verb ]
     MEANING :
     1. (tr.v.) to get thinner or smaller towards the end
    2. (intr.v.) to gradually reduce towards the end
    3. (n.) the act of diminishing or tapering towards the end
     The edge of the sword had been tapered off so as to increase functionality
     Treasuries would "taper off" when the economy no longer needed help, allowing the Fed to cease its emergency support.
    abcNews, Bernanke Says Fed Has Exit Strategy From Credit Policy, By Alister Bull, March 20, 2009
    vassal [ VAS-uh'l ]
     noun, adjective ]
     MEANING :
     1. (n.) one who held land granted by a feudal lord in return for homage
    2. (n.) a subject or slave
    3. (adj.) pertaining to or characteristic of a slave or vassal
     Lord Ipensky was a faithful vassal.
     The sheer number of senior statesmen slated to attend has prompted some Chinese to liken it to imperial times when vassal states were expected to offer tokens of respect to Chinese emperors.
    abcNEWS, World Leaders Quash Qualms, Go to Olympic Opening, by ANGELA CHARLTON, August 6, 2008
    wean [ ween ]
     transitive verb ]
     MEANING :
     1. to accustom a young mammal to take its nourishment from means other than its mother's milk
    2. to cause to get detached from a habit or source of one's attachment
     Babies are weaned at nine months.
     A limitless renewable energy source that can wean humans off fossil fuels has existed for billions of years, according to the latest report from a "green" scientist.
    National Geographic, Splitting Water Molecules the Next "Green" Power Source?, by Brian Handwerk, March 5, 2007

  9. Summary: Parents lost their child when child was very small. The loss of child is still present in their heart

    Central Idea: The loss of Child

    RC Passage for 27-Jul-17: Kml15's entry

  10. Summary: The grief of parents on losing their child leaves a scar in their hearts. No matter how long ago they lost their child, the memory remains still fresh in their memories. Still parents tend to hide teir sorrow, for the sake of their family.
    It's natural to be hooked on the dates associated with their departed child. Even to cry their heart out.
    But despite that acceptence of the loss is important for the closure. As life is as it it short, and would make no diffence. It will only pains the departed souls.

    Central Idea: Untimely departing of one's beloved child and the ways various people cope with it. But the fact that Parents rarely overcomes the grief of their child.

    RC Passage for 27-Jul-17: bipinkishan's entry

  11. Summary: A parent grieves the death of his/her child. And explains that it's not easy to go the memories of the child and live as if nothiing has happened, even if the child lives for only few weeks.

    Central Idea: No matter how much time has passed or how long a child has lived, death of a child and the memories associated therewith can't be easily forgotten.

    RC Passage for 27-Jul-17: prnav's entry

  12. Summary: passage tells about the prenuptial agreement and this type of agrrements are less faous in India and quite famous in West contries.writers take few examples for describing it.these agreements include condtions of infidilty,divorce etc.
    But experts said relationship should not be condioned in papper .

    Central Idea: there should not be presence of conditions in relationship or relationship threw condition.

    RC Passage for 25-Jul-17: catm's entry

  13. MBA GK Updates - July 21 to July 27 2017

    This section will let you keep abreast of all the important news and latest happenings around the world without looking at different sources across the internet.

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  14. Even if on joining both the statements, it would have formed an equilateral triangle , then also conditions are not sufficient to find the sum of the distances of the point P from the sides of the triangle.

  15. Bank GK Updates July 19 - July 27 2017

    This section will let you keep abreast of all the important news and latest happenings around the world without looking at different sources across the internet.

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