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  1. Summary: Increasing inflation price and it's affect on Indian society. Consecutive raise in inflation is giving shivers to common man and it is difficult to control as well. It's continously increasing since past 13 months and NO stroing action has been taken to stop this continual increase.

    Central Idea: Inflation

    RC Passage for 1/20/2017 12:01:00 AM: subhavati's entry

  2. Option 5) 0.29

    Total combinations for (X,Y) is 101 * 101 = 10201
    From 1st equation: X cannot be either 7 or 8
    So we have total 101-2=99 possibilities for X
    From equation 2: |X -Y| > 60
    Either X - Y > 60 Or X - Y < -60
    Solving them
    Case 1: X can be between 61 to 100 and Y can be 0 to 39
    Total X,Y possibility is 40 * 40 = 1600
    Case 2: X can be between 0 to 39 and Y can be 61 to 100.. but removing the points (7 and 8) from X
    Total such X,Y possibility = 38 * 40 = 1520

    Final probability
    1600 + 1520 / 10201
    = 3120 / 10201
    = 0.305

    Closest answer is option5 0.29

  3. X can take values 9 to 39 then Y takes values from 70 to 100 = 31*31 total selection
    X can take values 61 to 100 then values from 0 to 39=40*39 selection

    prob= 40*39+31*31/101*101=0.25

  4. Summary: The Inflation in India has been on the rise in thirteen months and in the current August is increasing at the highest rate of the period.The inflationary pressures are high the growth is still to show any dampening effect.To cntrol the inflation is primary concern and monetary tightening is imminent as per 16 economist poll.

    Central Idea: In the enviornment of accelerated inflation the rates are expected to tighten imonetarty policy as industrial growth has not much been affected for much concern.

    RC Passage for 1/20/2017 12:01:00 AM: SINGH0's entry

  5. x takes 99 values exclude 7 and 8
    y takes value greater than 60.
    Clear by grpah of equation and then convert to inequation area shade.

  6. Daily RC Passage for the date 20-Jan-17

    Daily RC Passage

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  7. Vocabulary Flashcards | Vocabulary Test
    stultify [ STUHL-tuh'-fahy ]
     transitive verb ]
     MEANING :
     1. to impair, cripple or render ineffective
    2. to cause to look stupid, ridiculous or foolish
    3. (law) to prove one to be of unstable or unsound mind and, hence, not legally responsible for one's actions
     The thief was stultified after the policeman shot at his ankle when he tried to escape.
     Kanter argued that large companies need to liberate their employees from stultifying hierarchies if they are going to be able to "dance" in the flexible, fast-changing future.
    Economist, Empowerment, Oct 27th 2008
    muster [ MUHS-ter ]
     intransitive verb, transitive verb ]
     MEANING :
     1. (tr.v.) to summon, gather, call upon or assemble
    2. (intr.v.) to assemble, collect, gather or come together
    3. (n.) a gathering, assembling or collection
    4. (n.) a roll, inventory or list
     He mustered courage and fell into the thick of the battle field.
     Coalition-watchers will look first to see whether the PNV and its smaller allies can muster the 38 seats needed to retain power.
    BBC, Basque election race wide open, By Steve Kingstone BBC News, Bilbao, 27 February 2009
    lavish [ LAV-ish ]
     adjective, transitive verb ]
     MEANING :
     1. (adj.) in large measure
    2. (adj.) generous
    3. (tr. v.) to offer very generously
     He enjoyed a lavish lifestyle throughout his life.
     Thirty miles south of Prague is Konopiste Castle, the lavish residence of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
    CNN, Beyond Prague: 3 fascinating day trips, Rick Stevens, 25 June 2009
    lurk [ lurk ]
     intransitive verb ]
     MEANING :
     1. to waylay
    2. to move sneakily
    3. to be present without being seen
    4. to read but not be an active participant in the conversation of an online discussion
     The poor girl did not know that danger was lurking just around the corner.
     No retailer or supplier can ignore it - and competition - that lurks in those markets.
    The Telegraph, Tesco boss warns on increase in joblessness, Rowena Mason, 11 June 2009
    advocacy [ AD-vuh'-kuh'-see ]
     noun ]
     MEANING :
     1. the act of arguing in favour of or of pleading for
    2. the act of pleading or supporting
    3. the work of an advocate or the profession
     The activist was famous for his advocacy of the fundamental rights of citizens.
     We are extremely concerned that advocacy levels in the private sector are not regulated, leaving hundreds of children in Wales without the independent support they need to voice their concerns about the treatment they are receiving in these homes.
    BBC, Concerns over private children's care homes support, 15 February 2010.

  8. Summary: The Italians are trying to improve their Debt to GDP ratio by selling Bonds. But the market is not in a good condition, and there aren't many prospective buys. The main buyer is the ECB, but that too isn't offering much. Italy is for now hoping that China's interest in the bonds might improve the sale.

    Central Idea: The Italians are trying to improve their Debt to GDP ratio by selling Bonds to ECB, and the market is in a very bad condition.

    RC Passage for 1/19/2017 12:01:00 AM: apothula's entry

  9. My Resolution for this year is-Not to see sad anyone who is my friends,family & stranger who meet me in any place......or anyone be sad then I will try to him/her be happy

  10. Quote Originally Posted by abubakkar View Post
    Yeah! Thank u. More students have cleared the prelims. Kindly provide me the model question papers or previous year question papers for RBI Assistant main exam.


    We don't provide previous year question papers for RBI Assistant main exam.

  11. Summary: The ITalian Bond sale has nonexuberant response given their second highest debt to GDP in Europe and less confidence in austerity measures however it has been bailed out mostly by European central bank.

    Central Idea: This relates to lack of market confidence in Italy's ability to pay its debt or building productive capital the European bank is trying to buffer out this effect.

    RC Passage for 1/19/2017 12:01:00 AM: SINGH0's entry

  12. Daily RC Passage for the date 19-Jan-17

    Daily RC Passage

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  13. Vocabulary Flashcards | Vocabulary Test
    insubordinate [ in-suh'-BAWR-dn-it ]
     noun, adjective ]
     MEANING :
     1. (adj.) disobedient, defiant or rebellious to authority
    2. (adj.) not lower
    3. (n.) one who is defiant to authority
     The insubordinate behaviour displayed was shameful.
     In the seminary Lustiger was later remembered as a stubborn and insubordinate student.
    Telegraph, Cardinal Lustiger, 08 Aug 2007
    nexus [ NEK-suh' s ]
     noun ]
     MEANING :
     1. a link or connection
    2. a series or group that is connected
    3. the core or focus
     They had a direct nexus to the underworld through the local goon.
     The vast corporate nexus of the oil, automobile, and petrochemical industries -- enabled by the military and political power of the American imperial state -- constitutes the system of addiction.
    CNN, The price of our oil addiction, By Michael Watts, November 10, 2008
    contention [ kuh'n-TEN-shuh'n ]
     noun ]
     MEANING :
     1. the act of striving in opposition
    2. a competition or contest
    3. an assertion or an affirmation put forward in an argument
     Having survived the round-robin stage and the semi-finals, the two teams were now in fierce contention to win the prestigious trophy.
     Five photographers from Birmingham and the Black Country are in contention to have their picture chosen for the basis of the world's biggest photo mosaic.
    BBC, The Big Picture, 4 February 2010.
    pharisee [ FAR-uh'-see ]
     noun ]
     MEANING :
     1. a member of an ancient Jewish sect that adhered to a strict interpretation and observance of the Mosaic law in its written and oral forms
    2. a sanctimonious or self-righteous individual
     His holier-than-thou attitude earned him the title of Pharisee.
     These hypocritical newspaper Pharisees have had to give up attacking gay marriage and other arrangements, and so they turn their fire - as usual - on the eternal question of when it is right for women to have babies.
    The telegraph, Britain's oldest mother deserves congratulation not disapproval, Boris Johnson, 18 May 2009.
    heyday [ HEY-dey ]
     noun ]
     MEANING :
     1. the stage of greatest achievement in one's life
    2. prime
    3. the period of greatest strength, popularity or success in one's life
     He boasted that he won the inter-state middle-weight boxing championship in his heyday.
     He relished such foibles, not only in politicians but also among colleagues in Fleet Street's bibulous heyday.
    The Telegraph, Alan Watkins, 9 May 2010.

  14. Sir provide the online workshop of mhcet

  15. Can you tell me the exam pattern for GMAT 2017 exam?

  16. Yeah! Thank u. More students have cleared the prelims. Kindly provide me the model question papers or previous year question papers for RBI Assistant main exam.

  17. Hi all,

    I am Abubakkar. I am very glad to be with the part of testfunda forum. Happy to connect with you all. Keep it touch.

    Thank You

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