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  1. Vocabulary Flashcards | Vocabulary Test
    perdition [ per-DISH-uh' n ]
     noun ]
     MEANING :
     1. destruction, damnation or ruin
    2. hell
     Not learning from history will seal our perdition.
     In it, he saw a train carrying innumerable people to perdition, and its meaning was unveiled to him as representing the Nazis," it says.
    abc News, Catholic Church Beatifies WWII Objector, Catholic Church Beatifies WWII Objector, October 26, 2007
    badger [ BAJ-er ]
     noun, transitive verb ]
     MEANING :
     1. (n.) a burrowing mammal like a bandicoot or its fur
    2. (tr.v.) to pester, urge or nag someone
     His face resembled that of a badger.
     The American badger is one of the prairie dog's toughest enemies.
    National Geographic, American badgers.
    unwonted [ uhn-WAWN-tid,-WOHN-,-WUHN- ]
     adjective ]
     MEANING :
     1. not customary or habitual
    2. not accustomed; unused
     The strictest teacher started treating the students with unwonted kindness because an official visit from the faculty inspector was due.
     And there is a consensus in Beijing that the momentum is on their side -- and a display of unwonted leniency may only encourage the 'splittists' to make more mischief against central authorities.
    CNN, Hu's vision for China, Willy Wo-Lap Lam, 30 April 2002
    prong [ prawng ]
     noun, transitive verb ]
     MEANING :
     1. (n.) a pointed tine of a fork
    2. (n.) a pointed or projecting part of
    3. (n.) a branch of a stream
    4. (tr. v.) to pierce with the projecting part of an object
     There used to be a small two prong plug that was mounted on the frame to hold the blades.
     Some of the tables are made from discarded wooden salad bowls while detailing on the fireplace was created using the brass prongs from plugs.
    The Telegraph, Man turns his Hampshire council flat into 'a replica Palace of Versailles', Andrew Hough, 19 October 2009.
    compensatory [ kuh'm-PEN-suh'-tawr-ee ]
     adjective ]
     MEANING :
     1. offsetting, reimbursing or making up for a loss
    2. acting as a counterbalance
    3. serving as a form of reparation
     Every farmer who lost crops during the deluge was given one lakh rupees by the government as a compensatory measure.
     Prof Waldfogel said the research in the US suggested there were some useful "compensatory education" programmes which could help bring children from poorer backgrounds forward.
    BBC, Bad parents 'widen ability gap', 23 December 2008.

  2. Question Of The Day (26-May-17)

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  3. Thank you, Manish this is huge lucrative information share. India is becoming most powerful and strong country for education, jobs, technology, Business, and economic growth.

  4. Hi, this is a good question about Personal Interview, most of people and students don't know about how to prepare for Interview.
    Most of the peoples give the number of interviews and every interview takes maximum knowledge, ability, positive thinking, quick solution, and huge points to get prepare for each interview.

  5. Summary: Lyman Alpha Mapping Project (LAMP) project developed by SwRI ,uses a novel method to get information about the Permanently shadowed regions on the moon, making visible the invisible. LAMP map shows that many PSRs are darker at far-ultraviolent wavelengths and redder than nearby surface areas that receive sunlight , where darker regions are consistent with fluffy soils and redden with the presence of water frost on the surface.Lamp estimated many things in regard of water frost.But water Frost is found at many new locations which helped in understanding of Moon's water and related species in a better way. Future LAMP maps is assumed to be proved helpful for finding the water frost as wellas the surface porosity of the dark surface. on the moon. LAMP team is eager to apply these techniques on moon and on other Solar System objects> These findings are expected to be valuable for future consideration of Moon base.

    Central Idea: Finding of water Frost and several resources on Moon give a new light of hope and demands more explration.

    RC Passage for 25-May-17: kanchan204's entry

  6. "Take this as an opportunity to start your learning journey since you are preparing for this test." - Claudia Ortiz, @SLUCookBusiness. Student Video Blogger: Claudia Ortiz, Saint Louis University, Class of 2016

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  8. MBA GK Updates - May 18 to May 25 2017

    This section will let you keep abreast of all the important news and latest happenings around the world without looking at different sources across the internet.

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  9. Daily RC Passage for the date 25-May-17

    Daily RC Passage

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  10. Vocabulary Flashcards | Vocabulary Test
    inadvertent [ in-uh' d-VUR-tnt ]
     adjective ]
     MEANING :
     heedless, careless or not intentional
     His inadvertent remarks during the meeting earned him a censure from his boss.
     Most of its customers are Western retailers worried about the bad publicity an inadvertent purchase of illegal logs might bring.
    The Economist, Forestry: Protected by bars, Mar 6th 2008
    bagatelle [  bag-uh'-TEL ]
     noun ]
     MEANING :
     1. a trifle or something unimportant or trivial
    2. a played game that involves rolling balls into holes
    3. a short composition of music that is especially played on the piano
     The entire ceremony was reduced to a bagatelle due to this atrocious behaviour.
     If you drastically lower your expectations, you can enjoy this bagatelle as the witty and fluffy fare it's intended to be.
    CNN, EW review: Amy Tan disappoints, by Jennifer Reese, October 21, 2005.
    cache [ kash ]
     noun, transitive verb ]
     MEANING :
     1. (n.) a place to conceal food, supplies and ammunition
    2. (n.) one that is hidden or stored in a cache
    3. (n.) computer memory used for quick access to frequently accessed data and instructions
    4. (tr.v.) to hide or conceal ammunition and supplies in a cache
     The terrorists carried with them a cache of arms and grenades which they hoped to used to inflict maximum damage.
     Security forces have recovered a cache of arms and explosives in Poonch district, officials said here on Tuesday.
    The Times of India, Arms cache recovered in J&K, 5 Dec 2006
    underbid [ uhn-der-BID ]
     intransitive verb, transitive verb ]
     MEANING :
     1. (tr.v.) to bid less than that of a competitor
    2. (intr.v.) to make an unnecessarily low bid for the value of something
     He underbid the offers of the competitors by cutting his profit margin and won the prestigious contract.
     But buyers are quickly turned off by a stinky house, and that means I can really underbid on my offer.
    CNN, Clark Howard: Housing crisis isn't all bad news, 9 April 2009, 30 July 2009
    unwitting [ uhn-WIT-ing ]
     adjective ]
     MEANING :
     1. unintentional
    2. unaware
     The thief managed to escape with a little unwitting help from the guard.
     The police watchdog said the officers had been guilty of "unwitting racism".
    BBC, Police condemned over man's death, 27 March 2006

  11. Question Of The Day (25-May-17)

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  12. Summary: Social networking sites are asked to ban / remove contents that are under categories of " Obejectionable, defamatory & blasphemous. If not followed INDIA will take some serious steps as china by banning the whole site.
    In response companiees are defending themselves by saying that they cannot be held responsible for what third party is posting on their site and it is not possible to track down such post , classify them under indian standards and take necessary action.

    Central Idea: Central ide of passage is -
    INDIAN goverment want Social netwroking sites to put a check on what is being posted on their sites otherwise INDIA will take some strong step as china .

    RC Passage for 24-May-17: mridalini's entry

  13. Answer : option 4nly two of the options are true(2nd and 3rd are true).

  14. 4x+2y+z=35 where x, y, z are positive real numbers. Find the maximum value of (x^1/2)*(y^1/4)*(z^1/8).

  15. K (4,9,16)=min (9,4,16/3)=4 therefore option4

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  17. Summary: ownership to be taken by the companies for the content publisced in their website

    Central Idea: ownership to be taken by the companies for the content publisced in their website

    RC Passage for 24-May-17: Deepanshu3112's entry

  18. Summary: Indian's failed to do well in the test cricket at the Western Australian Cricket Association Ground with Australia. With Warner whooping with his play makes the failure seem worse for India. The week gap which India had to win was also lost to Australia which has led Ms. Dhoni take the decision of retiring from Test Cricket.

    Central Idea: India's chasm failure in the test match with Australia.

    RC Passage for 23-May-17: Navyashiva's entry

  19. Claudia Ortiz, @SLUCookBusiness, on how studying for the GMAT Exam can benefit non-English speakers. Student Video Blogger: Claudia Ortiz, Saint Louis University, Class of 2016

  20. TestFunda Cricket Quiz

    Take the TestFunda cricket quiz on 27th May at 5pm.

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