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  1. shubhamgaur
  2. Nagendrakumar
    hi..sir! i need answer and also ur help.. how can i get clear idea of these logic questions?

    Which of the given options logically follows the given
    question)) If one is in love, he finds happiness all around him.
    a) Christopher is in love.
    b) Christopher is feeling happy.
    c) Christopher is not in love.
    d) Christopher is feeling normal.
    1) ca
    2) bd
    3) cb
    4) none
  3. Nagendrakumar
    hi.. u said answer for below question as 3rd.. y it wont be 2nd option?
    how can i understand well this type of questions?? can u pls guide me??

    6) None of the people from America have knowledge about Indian Villages.
    a) Alberto has knowledge about Indian Villages.
    b) Alberto doesn't have knowledge about Indian Villages.
    c) Alberto is not an American
    d) Alberto is an American
    1) A) ad and cb
    2) B) ca and bd
    3) C) ac and db
    4) D) None of the options

    None of the people from America have knowledge about Indian villages.
    It implies that if you are an American, you don't know anything about Indian villages.
    It implicitly implies that if you know about Indian villages, you cannot be an American.

    Hence, option 3
  4. dimpy rawal
    hi sir u answered one question in critical reasoning part by mistake i skipped some lines so i m sending u this question & plz sir provide me detailed solution for clarity

    In India in 1990, there were, on an average 14 deaths at birth (infant mortality) per 1,00,000 population. By 2000 there were 11, and by 2001, 8. Today, there are 5 deaths at birth per 1,00,000 population, and it is anticipated that the downward trend will continue.

    Each of the following, if true, would help account for this trend EXCEPT.:

    a. Medical care is more widespread and available
    b. More effective birth control methods have been implemented.
    c. The number of pediatricians per 10,000 population has increased.
    d. Midwifery has declined in favor of doctors
  5. ravis9
    you did not tell the property of triangles you used in solving my question
  6. ravis9
    with reference to my question on selection of alphabets , i have pointed out the error you made
    23) A and B play a game between them. The dice consist of colors on their faces(instead of number). When the dice are thrown, A wins if both show the same color, otherwise B wins. One die has 3 red faces and 3 blue faces. How many red and blue faces should the other die have if the both players have if the both players have the same chances of winning?

    a) 5 red and 1 blue faces.

    b) 1 red and 5 blue faces.

    ) 3 red and 3 blue faces.
    no option

    According to the question,

    Let the other dice have x red faces
    So, it will have 6-x blue faces
    (4/6)*(x/6) + (2/6)*(6-x)/6 = 1/2
    So, x = 3
    Hence, option 1

    In this solution you have written

    but it should be

    and you have said that option 1 is true but according to your solution
    option 3 is true
  8. tsvaishnav
    Hello vimboloid
    I am Trushit.It sems u r prepring 4 CAT.These exams do nt only need hard work bt dey need smart work 2.CAT ques r nt difficult 2 solve bt the problem dat students face is tremendous time pressure. Ad wat matters is speed.
    As far as VA is concerned, vocabulary s area of concern.
    My blog has completely been dedicated to CAT preparation.It includes proper pedagogy. All the sections are approached in a specific manner.Materials are completely free n updated. It includes many sessions on quant, VA nd DI. Frequent revision aids are also provided to help you remember concepts in more concrete form.
    Usin dis blog wll hlp u crack the toughest CAT questions in sec; vocabulary building will be gret fun.DI will becme cakewalk. GD/PI tips will also be provided.
    I invite u 2 c my blog nd subscribe to it.Click n th following link to check ot all the free stuf: CAT-MBA
  9. lookme
    may god bless u
  10. nnnnnnnnnn
    Thanks sir...for ur help.i asked so many questions...i got answere..By GOD's grace i got job in TCS yesterday..I am new to testfunda.. i find the math section very tough. I am clueless of what to do.. but i see in many of the forms you are always helping people..
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