How to prepare for IBPS/ Bank PO interview:
Before the Interview:
1. Prepare a good answer for the question “Tell us something about yourself”. This is almost a common question for all the interviews.
You should consider following things (select whichever is good about you)
Example 1: My self Akash Asthana, I completed B. Com in 2011 with 68% marks (do not tell the marks if it is not good). My father is a government employee with Electricity department in UP state government. Being a commerce student, I opted to go for banking job.
Example 2: My name is Ravi and I completed my mechanical engineering from SK University with first division. My father is a teacher in central school. My capability to convince people and my analytical skills make me a suitable person for the banking job.
Next question: why not engineering job.
Answer: Right now, I am focusing on banking jobs. (with a smile; and try to conclude here. Don’t argue; don’t be aggressive, be calm)
Next Question: If in future you get an engineering job then you will leave the bank job.
Answer: No, I will continue my bank job, because going into a new field will diminish my seniority level and promotion prospects.
2. Prepare few common question from your educational background. For example if you are Commerce graduate then few common things about Balance sheet, you should know. If you are Geography graduate then you should be able to answer common questions related to Geology (for example Longitude, Latitude, Equator, Crops etc.)
3. If you are from engineering background then prepare a good answer for the question “You are an engineer, why do you want to join bank”. Answer may be in line with following:
Curriculum of engineering consists subjects like Industrial management, Industrial Economics, which developed my interest in Banking and Banking jobs.
After this type of answer, be prepared to face questions from Economics. If you can prepare few basic question from economics then it is good. The syllabus of economics in engineering is good enough.
Or “how can Industrial management help in banking job” To answer this question you can give example from Manpower management, Training management of the employees, Layout development of a new bank-branch so that it will be convenient for the customers as well as for employees.
4. (Only for Engineers)
Question: Why do you want to leave your engineering job?

Question: "You are an engineer, why do you want to work in a bank"


Your answer may be in line with following answer. Please prepare an answer which suits to your condition, following illustration is only for example:

"Sir, I am working in a software company in software support and I consider a bank PO job as my career progression not as a career change, as I will be moving to managerial role from technical role. With my previous experience, I can demonstrate leadership capability, Team management, Out of the box thinking in any decision at my level."

But please read and prepare about these terminology as they may ask further like: what are leadership qualities. what do u mean by "out of the box " thinking etc.

5. Prepare NEWS related question about your city, Some sports related news in recent past (Saina Nehwal and Srhikant won China Open), Nobel prize (Kailash satyarthi won Nobel for peace). Read the newspaper in last one week of the interview and prepare for important news specially related to economy, finance, business, international trade. You will get these news in Business times or a similar news daily.

6. Prepare few questions from banking. (what is a bank, CRR, Repo rate, Reverse repo rate, Besel agreement, Besel 1, 2 and 3). Mug up the exact words for a definition, sometimes interviewers want to listen the exact terminology.

On the day of Interview:
1. Take good sleep before the interview day
2. Dress well (For boys: Pants, Coat, Tie, Suit; for girls: Salwar suit, Pant shirt or Saree); Please don’t wear jeans. Coat /Suit and Tie make a good impression.
3. Boys please shave and hair properly combed.
4. If waiting time is more, have a glass of water and take some deep breaths so that your voice is regulated and you don’t seem shaky
5. Be on time
6. Be confident; this is not the end of your life.

In the interview room:
May I come in, Sir!
“A very good morning to all of you Sirs”. (Please check the time before entering the room, if it is over 12:00 PM then you have to say “Good Afternoon to all of you Sirs!”

Be loud and clear. Do not show shaky behavior and do not hesitate in speaking your words. Few people speak in very low volume. Do not bite your lips.
While answering to an interviewer, look into his eyes. Moreover, if another interviewer interrupts you, then handle it smartly. Do not think about other things while speaking. Do not give answer in asking mode. Few persons give answer, as if they are asking the interviewer if my answer in correct.
Answer like a teacher to make him understand. Not like a student who is afraid if the interviewer will be agree to his answer or not. Do not be aggressive. Try to finish any argument being submissive with a smile and with such sentences: “OK Sir; You are right, I will read it thoroughly”, “OK sir , I think I need to read more about it”. It should look like a discussion not like a high school VIVA.
Do not hesitate to tell the truth if you do not know an answer. “Sorry Sir, I have No idea about it”.
SMILE is the best thing to end the arguments.
BE POSITIVE. Interviewers try to find a CALM and smart bank employee, who can handle various odd situations with patience.