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    Default What should be preferred for higher education PGDM or MBA?

    Today, youths are much more concerned about their career and apart from getting just the employment; they want to do something new and innovative to give a boost to their career. This lands an individual to a complicated situation; wherein they find difficult to choose among the professional courses, which suits their requirements. MBA and PGDM are the two courses that imbibe entrepreneurial and managerial skills in the individual and often leads to a confusion of which one should be chosen over the other. Many aspirants donít even know the difference between an MBA and PGDM program.
    There is a very thin line of differentiation between these two terms, so come and letís understand their differences in brief, which can help you decide MBA or PGDM, which one is better.
    Only universities can offer MBA: Institutes which are not affiliated to university are autonomous and can offer PGDM degree. However, these programmes are approved by regulatory bodies such as AICTE. Also IIMs, though being the best of the lot, canít offer MBAs as they are not affiliated with any university.
    Difference in focus of curriculum: While there are huge similarities in the curriculum of both MBA and PGDM, there are finer points of difference. While MBA focuses more on theoretical aspects of management and is more exam-oriented, PGDM has a focus on building soft skills and is industry-oriented. It prepares you for the job market.
    MBAs are more affordable: In compared to PGDM, generally MBAs are more affordable as the fees is almost similar to university standard.
    Difference in focus: An MBA will help in developing technical skills and business knowledge whereas a PGDM will prepare graduates for senior level positions in industry and paves the way for a strong corporate career.
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