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    Post Puzzle #465 - Robots at the Moon Base

    Puzzle #465 - Robots at the Moon Base

    Click on the above link to view the resource

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    Post Puzzle #465 - Robots at the Moon Base

    one robot say R1 goes the first 3 km and stops..a second robot R2 goes and supplies energy for the R1 now R1 has the capacity to go 10 km..and R2 can go 7 km

    now R1 goes 3 more km and reaches 6km and stops...Another robot R3 goes the first 3km and reaches R2 and recharges R2 so that R2=10km energy

    now R2 goes 3 more km and reaches R1 and recharges R1..R1 now gets 10km energy.

    R1 goes the rest 4 km and comes back to R1= 10-4+4= 2 km energy...R2=7km R2 tranfers energy for 3 km to R1= 2+3=5km and R2= 7-3=4km

    they both go back 3km and reach the point where R3 is ie, 3 km away from base R1=5-3=2 km and R2= 4-3=1 km and R3 =7 km energy...

    R3 supplies 1 km energy to R1( now 2+1= 3 km energy) and 2 km energy to R2( 1+2=3 km energy) R3 has 7-3=4km energy remaining after supplying R1 and all 3 robots can return to base 3 km away from their current position


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