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Thread: IMPORTANT: Read this before posting anything

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    Post IMPORTANT: Read this before posting anything

    IMPORTANT: Read this before posting anything on the forums.

    • Please be nice to other users of the forum. Do not post any sarcastic remarks.

    • Do not make any personal comments about other users. Any innuendoes or inappropriate behaviour will lead to warnings or suspension.

    • Do not react directly to offending posts by other users - especially by using strong language. You need to be polite even when you react to inappropriate conduct by others.

    • Use of foul language or calling others stupid will lead to immediate suspension.

    • Avoid using ALL CAPS when posting. It is considered that you are shouting or being rude when you type in ALL CAPS. It is OK to use ALL CAPS on a couple of words in your post if you want to highlight them.

    • Notify us about any inappropriate behaviour on the forums by writing to us at Put a hyperlink to the post in the body of the mail and mention the username of the person you are reporting.

    • Don’t get into any arguments with other users of the forum. Instead notify us by writing to us at

    • We recommend that you update your profile information and introduce yourself on the forums by posting on thread “Introduce yourself, get to know the other users of the forum.”

    • Help other users of the forum by answering their questions. We can make these forums much more useful if we help each other.

    • If you are replying to the post of another user then use the facility of “Quote”. This will help other users understand the context of your posting.

    • Before starting a new topic, check if there is an existing thread on the same topic.

    • When starting a new topic, use a descriptive name for the topic. Don’t use a title like “Help plz” – instead say “Need information on availability of forms for CAT 2008”. This will most likely lead to better response from other users.

    • Do not spam. Do not link to other commercial websites. Do not advertise or sell material from other sources here.

    • Respect the copyright, trademarks of their respective owners. If you are posting material from other sources provide a credit line to the original source. Do not post material if you do not have permission to distribute it.

    • We reserve the right to edit or delete any posts without any warning or explanation. We reserve the right to edit, use or redistribute any of the material posted on the forums.

    • If we consider that any user has violated any of the terms of use or any other written or unwritten rules of the forum then we reserve the right to suspend that user without warning. In addition, we may expunge all or some of the posts by that user.

    • We take no responsibility for the content posted on the forums. The opinions expressed on the forums are of their respective authors and we have not authenticated the posts or the personal details of the users of the forum.

    • We reserve the right to change these rules without any prior notice.

    • You have agreed to abide by these rules if you post anything on these forums.

    Have fun. Help others. Be nice to others.

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