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    Quote Originally Posted by tusharsem View Post
    31. Jean Piaget, the gaint among developmental psychologists, made enormously important enquiries into the “workings” of children’s mind. His experiments with his own daughter and other children convincingly proved that there are distinct, higher and higher stages in the intellectual growth of a child. A child nikhsally from thinking with mouth and other senses to a thinking primarily done in terms of concrete objects to a thinking mode dominated by abstract reasoning.

    a. Goes
    b. Progresses
    c. Changes
    d. Moves
    e. Falls

    32. On a notional level, the perpetuation of the fear response in a dangerous situation among humans across millions of years in is quite similar to the “survival of the fittest” concept. This fear response enables the human to avoid potentially devastating situations and helps contribute to the continued living and survival even in very adverse circumstances. To view it otherwise would be to negate the great boltroptcy of this seemingly “timid” behaviour.

    a. Functionality
    b. Profit
    c. Circularity
    d. Role
    e. Capacity
    help me out...unable to solve these kind of question...

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    Why this time , there is very less activity on TF forums ??
    where r u guys ?
    The Last Lap...!!

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    some critical reasoning...will try to post some daily,CR i feel would be the game changer in the VA/LR section

    1)Automobile Dealer’s Advertisement:
    The Highway Traffic Safety Institute reports that the PZ 1000 has the fewest injuries per accident of any car in its
    class. This shows that the PZ 1000 is one of the safest cars available today.
    Which of the following, if true, most seriously weakens the argument in the advertisement?

    (A) The Highway Traffic Safety Institute report listed many cars in other classes that had more injuries per
    accident than did the PZ 1000.
    (B) In recently years many more PZ 1000’s have been sold than have any other kind of car in its class.
    (C) Cars in the class to which the PZ 1000 belongs are more likely to be involved in accidents than are other
    types of cars.
    (D) The difference between the number of injuries per accident for the PZ 1000 and that for other cars in its class is quite pronounced.
    (E) The Highway Traffic Safety Institute issues reports only once a year.
    2)When demand for a factory’s products is high, more money is spent at the factory for safety precautions and
    machinery maintenance than when demand is low. Thus the average number of on-the-job accidents per
    employee each month should be lower during periods when demand is high than when demand is low and less
    money is available for safety precautions and machinery maintenance.
    Which of the following, if true about a factory when demand for its products is high, casts the most serious doubt
    on the conclusion drawn above?

    (A) Its employees ask for higher wages than they do at other times.
    (B) It s management hires new workers but lacks the time to train them properly.
    (C) Its employees are less likely to lose their jobs than they are at other times.
    (D) Its management sponsors a monthly safety award for each division in the factory.
    (E) Its old machinery is replaced with moderns, automated models.
    3)Studies have shown that elderly people who practice a religion are much more likely to die immediately after an
    important religious holiday period than immediately before one. Researchers have concluded that the will to live
    can prolong life, at least for short periods of time.
    Which of the following, if true, would most strengthen the researchers’ conclusion?

    (A) Elderly people who practice a religion are less likely to die immediately before or during an important
    religious holiday than at any other time of the year.
    (B) Elderly people who practice a religion appear to experience less anxiety at the prospect of dying than do
    other people.
    (C) Some elderly people who do practice a religion live much longer than most elderly people who do not.
    (D) Most elderly people who participate in religious holidays have different reasons for participating than young
    people do.
    (E) Many religions have important holidays in the spring and fall, seasons with the lowest death rates for elderly
    4)Manufacturers of mechanical pencils make most of their profit on pencil leads rather than on the pencils
    themselves. The Write Company, which cannot sell its leads as cheaply as other manufacturers can, plans to
    alter the design of its mechanical pencil so that it will accept only a newly designed Write Company lead, which
    will be sold at the same price as the Write Company’s current lead.
    Which of the following, if true, most strongly supports the Write Company’s projection that its plan will lead to an
    increase in its sales of pencil lead?

    (A) First-time buyers of the mechanical pencils tend to buy the least expensive mechanical pencils available.
    (B) Annual sales of mechanical pencils are expected to triple over the next five years.
    (C) A Write Company executive is studying ways to reduce the cost of manufacturing pencil leads.
    (D) A rival manufacture recently announced similar plans to introduce a mechanical pencil that would accept
    only the leads produced by that manufacturer.
    (E) In extensive text marketing, mechanical-pencil users found the new Write Company pencil markedly
    5)To evaluate a plan to save money on office-space expenditures by having its employees work at home, XYZ
    Company asked volunteers from its staff to try the arrangement for six months. During this period, the
    productivity of these employees was as high as or higher than before.
    Which of the following, if true, would argue most strongly against deciding, on the basis of the trial results, to
    implement the company’s plan?

    (A) The employees who agreed to participate in the test of the plan were among the company’s most
    self-motivated and independent workers.
    (B) The savings that would accrue from reduced office-space expenditures alone would be sufficient to justify
    the arrangement for the company, apart from any productivity increase.
    (C) Other companies that have achieved successful results from work-at-home plans have work forces that are
    substantially larger than that of XYZ.
    (D) The volunteers who worked at home were able to communicate with other employees as necessary for
    performing the work.
    (E) Minor changes in the way office work is organized at XYZ would yield increases in employee productivity
    similar to those achieved in the trial.

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